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John "Johnny Quads" Wenzel is one of the most successful high-stakes cash-game poker players in the Southeast, as well as a magazine editor, author and former professional poker dealer. Based in South Florida, he has shown a poker profit every year for decades and is a former Oklahoma State Pot-Limit Hold'em Champion.
One game in Vegas in the early 1990's has now become the stuff of legend. He had a huge win in a big game at the Mirage, but remembers little of it besides what he was told.
"I'm not a drinker, but I had to drink with these loud, loose, crazy guys in cowboy hats to keep this very lucrative game going. These Texans were throwing hundred-dollar bills around like rain," he recalls. "I had some Florida boys with me and they insist I got quads four times, though I only recall two or maybe three. When people ask me, I say four times, but I was totally out of it and a little sick and it's always been fuzzy. I just kept betting and they kept calling. When they finally pulled me out of there and got me back to my room, I had pocketfuls of money and everyone was calling me 'Johnny Quads.' I do remember making quads with pocket fours, and that has been my signature hand ever since."
And of course, the nickname has stuck.
Johnny Quads is the author of three books on poker: The Everything Poker Strategy Book, Everything Hold'em, and The Only Poker Book You'll Ever Need. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Poker Pro Magazine, Online Poker Pro Magazine and Poker Pro Europe.
Johnny Quads

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