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The type of girl who can leave a lasting expression.
She can always be happy but in reality she's pretty depressed.
No matter what you always have to take great pains to impress her. She's pretty bossy and may be ill tempered at times but she can be very nice but hates to show it.
She's been throught a lot so understand that what she dose is because of her defense mecanizam. It's pretty depressing for what she's been though but always know she's there no matter what. You may not be able to understand her well but just watch and see how amazing and funny she is. Don't take her lightly or anything.
Her nick name is KENNY

Yesh, Kenny from south park cuz she die's ever day.
Who ever is reading this and know's who kenny is from Valley high in vegas, yeah, I'm talking about her.
She's pretty emotional at times and you will never know what'll happen if she breaks down one day.
She's pretty fragile so watch out, don't break her.
Johneen- an amazingly beautyful girl who will amaze everyone in the world. Fun, loving, and get's pissy easally...
She's also a bad speller :p and says MERP a LOT!!!
Johneen~ Merp, I like cows, there sexy
Other~ The faq
Johneen~ What, cows are totally sexy, there Purple, and they shit out skittles while flying over rainbows.
Other~ Gosh, freakin Johneen can be a retard some times.
by KennyLovesYaoi March 23, 2013
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