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"An inTeresting specimen of a modified Homo sapiens sapiens hybrid. It is mysteRious and sEems to appear out of thiN air, but its imag e remains bu\rned into the brains of hu`mans who have seen it. Although it is frien`dly, it looks like a fun ny guy wearing a med\ici`ne Cabinet or a killer’s cloak, and it often gets weird stares from a ll observing Humans who frequently question its seemingly illogical w ays. It wants you to know that it has a v`ery hard time` tr`ying to aCt like a human, and that the only reas`on why it hangs around is be cause it thinks humans (including yOu) are hi`larious. It is in terest`ed in archi tecture, ar t, business, e\conomics, engine\ee ring, finance, h istory, mAth, science, t echnology, and a ny`thing that is not the c onfusing subject of espanol. It is attracTed to s hiny objects and is traine d as a professional hunter. It aspires to fix the v ery bro ken American education system later in l ife someday."

-From a top secret high security intelligence report that was deposited on an encrypted laptop that the John Li connected to recently.
A John Li is a strange object that is the product of painstakingly careful engineering and construction. It is currently trapped in the body of a human that it inhabits. Although the body and the John Li are very different entities, both are usually referred to by the same name. On rare occasions when the John Li escapes the body, some really weird unexplainable stuff happen.
by 5_9 August 08, 2018
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