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Most of the John Jay population consists of preppy White kids, japs, marijuana abusers, and nicotine addicts. Everyone thinks they are “different” because they wear boyfriend jeans and round glasses with no prescription. Girls are abused with the words slut, whore, thot, hoe and more! You can find some great music on soundcloud from some of our very own! John Jay is basically the place you go to find rich white kids complaining about their friends and family, every kid stoned out of their mind during class, and some of the jappiest japs you will ever meet!!
Oh you go to John Jay Highschool?

Yeah man check out my soundcloud maybe we can vape in the bathroom together sometime!!
by JJHSSUCKS January 29, 2018
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one of the pepiest schools in america. the kids drive nicer cars than the teachers, the sports teams suck, theirs been one fight in the past three years. people here are two faced and dont say shit to your face. if you go to comunity college you are considered retarted. the school is about 70% jewish, 0.5% black, and 2% spanish. some kids think they are tough cause they lift weights every now and then and cause they live an 45 minuets from the bronx. the kids take day trips into the city, taking pictures of themselves in times square, but there all too afraid to go to the other boroughs. there is nothing to outside of the school so they just have housepartys and put pictures of themselves drinking a beer on facebok. All these kids are very spoiled they get the latest technology because they want it. alot of these kids claim to be artsy and think they are different. but they arent. there are skateborders who dress like idiots. there all the same if they get Bs on test they freak out.
it is the most pathetic school in NY
Kid: mom can i have a 100 dollor phone
Mom: yes honey, you go to John jay high school
by lbjheadphone October 11, 2009
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