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1. Used in and around the NY Rave scene.

To get out of a situation,

To get INTO a situation,

Overall to preform a task believed to be great, awesome, or all around epic.

2. Used by strangers to name drop in an attempt to get into a party.
John Doe: "Man the party is SOLD out"
Jane Doe: "That sucks I John Haxx'd my way onto the list"
John Doe: "I don't know how you do it"

Raver 1: "How did you get away last night?! EVERYONE got arrested!"
Raver 2: "They tried to arrest me but I John Haxx'd my way out of it"

And when being used to name drop...
Bouncer 1: "Sorry Sold out, gotta go"
Random Raver: "I'm with John Haxx though!"

Bouncer: "Oh Alright never mind come on in"
by AnonNYCraver July 16, 2011
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