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One of the most affiliated High Schools in the Modesto City Schools District,Far on the East Side,One of the most known areas in Modesto due to the great variety of everything,From Airport Neighborhood int he lower area,which houses the main fueding two latin gangs(Norteno/Sureno)to Riverside Park which holds most Norteno & Crip gangs.Modesto which is notoriously known for its high production of Meth,and previously #1 in the nation in car theft.
Johansen Highschool students come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and at least 60% of a race at the school are either gang related or drug related.
Mexicans typically lean towards a Norteno/Sureno gang,while most Asians are Crips along with blacks.
and white kids are typically in the middle .The schools population of students span from kids who live in Empire (A small town next to east side modesto,Notoriously known for having such poor conditions)To kids from the far westside come.
Johansen High School,Would in fact be the epic definition of a shitty school,deriving from the fact that the school buildings we're first in fact meant to be built as a Prison in the early 1990's but eventually after the construction it became a school.
Aye,I got these treez I bought from a kid at johansen high school,they're fucking bombass white willow.I also bought some pillz for cheap
by I_I_I_I_I_I_I September 10, 2008
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