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A rapper who does not use his own beats, but still makes kick ass raps. GRIT$ means "Get Rich In The $treets". His real name is Joseph Thompson. He raps about many things, including: South Norwalk (SoNo), his discovery, and even about politicians in Norwalk, and in Hartford. Declares himself as a part of Wolfpack, a well known gang in Da Port. Believe it or not, his CD is not available in any store, and since Norwalk Police are incompitent, and cannot make any charges stick, they blamed Joe Grit$ and his lyrics for causing gang fights between Bloods and Crips in Norwalk. It was so important, that even ABC news wrote about it:
"Governor Rell won't fail 'till I'm locked in Jail."

"Mayor Knopp won't stop 'till I'm iced in a box, gimme a job so I won't spend my life sellin' these rocks."

"You can hear the G in my walk, you can hear the G when I talk, it's not New Haven or Bridgeport, Grit$, tell 'em where you from, South Norwalk."

"I'm the realest from Connecticut, Norwalk my fort, all the other real niggaz, they come from Da Port."

Joe Grit$ sells rocks in SoNo, but lives in Bridgeport.
by OnlyBitchesTalkShit December 31, 2005
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