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Joe Bober is a troll on Yahoo! Answers that has a group formed called The Army Of Bober And The Childern Of The KoЯn. He and his "Army" terroize the Hunting Page in a smiliar way to Man Egg. Got KoЯn Created The Children Of The KoЯn Which Then, Later On, Merged With The Army Of Bober. Joe Bober's army consists of a few good men: They Are:

Got KoЯn?
Joe Bober
Word Up!
master gerbil
Joe Bober (Reloaded)
The One Who Is (Not)
Saliva Man
Nurturing Gardens
Bill Callahan Is Poop
Chuck Norris
The One Who Is

(Note That These Are All Their User Names).

ĘxčЯëtė Lead Vocals Dude, one of Bober's best men, left the group.
Joe Bober Is Terrible!!!!
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