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simply perfection the coolest, most popular, most outgoing, funny, sexy ,most athletic people ever are named joe always the life of the party and everyone's bestfriend and the girls just cant stay away kinda guy , very laid back and can charm his way out of anything, Loves to act funny yet knows how to be serious. The most sweet and sesitive man you will ever meet. His heart is so big, sometimes he doesn't know quite what to do with it. He is beauiful inside and out. underneath his ruggid figure, his heart is huge. If you fall in love with a Joe, don't ever let him go. he just might not come back. Dont ever break his heart. He is to fragile. He doesn't care much for play fighting. Josephs always give the best hugs, you know you are safe when you are in his arms. You don't have to even meet him to know he is the one for you. Unsure of himself at times. Knows what he wants and goes after it. Hard to read his mind, but not afraid to share it. Always protects the ones he loves. Will do great things with his life. Probably will even change the world.
LOOK THERES JOE SCHOFIELD! LEts go and ask him out, hes so good!!!
by madfrankie12345 August 13, 2011
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