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Joe College is the kid on campus that everybody wants at their parties. Kid always has his own party-packs, full of beers, pot, ADHD meds, and variety of other substances he could get his hands on (ex: half pack of cigs he stole from his roommate, Skoal, flavored condoms, and 151). He has no problem sacrificing his brains cells to complete that last cup chug before going out or ripping a whole pack of hoons to win a gentlemen's bet. Joe is a hero and an idol. When you look in the mirror, you want to see Joe College looking back.
-Yo did you hear Joe College did a butt funnel last night?

-Man that kid is tubular, but he's no Joe College.

-OO that kid's Joe College, he can do his homework, drink 5 nights a week, and he still manages to find to get laid once in a while.
by God's Gift to Partying July 23, 2010
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