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An IGN user whose antics on the boards have caused a great amount of controversy. Jody came out of nowhere in the summer of '07 when some comments by Ichiro about the city of Cleveland caused a ruckus. He burst onto the baseball board spewing his crap about how Ichiro was scum and claimed to write a letter a week to Bud Selig until action was taken. Since then, Jody has been the center of all the attention on the sports boards. He claims to be a tae kwon do expert, former gang member, sex expert, and a major league ready pitcher, among many other things. While doing all of this, he somehow manages to find the time to report every little thing he thinks is against the board rules from the sports boards. When things don't go his way, he claims there is an agenda against him. His hatred for anything that does not favor Cleveland is also well documented. It is unclear if Jody is stupid or just insane, but no matter what, he will always fight the good fight with his drive and determination for excellence.
I'm Jody_Gerut and I will fight the good fight until action is taken! I've had enough of your BS. Keep doubting me, it only makes me stronger!
by Benjamin Curtis January 03, 2008
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