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Someone, usually a male, who uses body building, football, wrestling, etc. as their only defense. They form organized groups of friends, usually fellow team members. They commonly use the words "tool" and "goon" as a comeback against anything.

The difference between a jockstrap faggot and a jock is that a jockstrap faggot has an inferiority complex that is clearly obvious to the public. They make their athletic ability known only to hide their insecurities.
"Joe is a jockstrap faggot. He always takes pictures of his muscles but when there's a real fight he's churning out the excuses. Maybe he's secretly hiding the fact that he's gay?"

"When I told him off he just called me a 'toolbox.' What a jockstrap faggot."
by idontmeantosoundhomophobic January 14, 2010
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