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An irrational hatred of attractive & athletic men; typically displayed by nerds, fat men & other types of losers. Jealousy is the prime motivator.

Those who suffer from Jock Envy usually hold notorious double standards (eg. they believe they are entitled to a Hot Chic, but don't believe women deserve to have a Hot Dude).

A member of the Jock Envy crowd is easy to spot; he's the very unattractive guy who whines about "shallow bitches" who hang around Jocks, but is seemingly oblivious of his own shallow nature (eg. always macking on women who are clearly out of his league).

Those who are afflicted with Jock Envy can also be seen spreading vicious lies & stereotypical nonsense about Jocks (eg. jocks are mean, jocks are stupid, jocks are womanizers, etc.).

The Internet provides a safe place for these social rejects to vent, without fear of repercussions. Out in the real world, these mean-spirited individuals play the victim, and garner much sympathy from the clueless masses. Emo girls are especially vulnerable to their pitiful mewlings.
Dave: "Why is that geek giving me such a dirty look?"

Cindy: "Oh, pay no attention to him; he's just another beta male with Jock Envy. Now, let's go home, and fuck. *smile*"
by Ms. Muff July 11, 2008
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