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Jimmy Crinkle aka Jimmy Crinks refers to Crinkle cut french fries, typically those made by Chinese food restaurants and take-away eatery's. This is the way most blue-collar worker refer to they're crinkle cut french fries.

Sir James Walter McCrinkle Esquire aka James McCrinkett are Crinkle cut french fries eaten by posh or rich folks. They enjoy Sir James McCrinkle Esquires ONLY with grey poupon mustard which they merely dip whilst raising they're pinky finger upward. This is a very distinguished activity of which only the exclusive and rich may be apart of.
"man stop hogging all the Jimmy Crinks!"

"I'll have 2 large orders of Jimmy Crinkles."

"Excuse me Lord Smithington but could you please pass the Sir James Walter McCrinkle Esquires, my palate is thirsting for desirables."

by Tony Marrocolla April 29, 2008
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