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A term used within the MOBA, League of Legends when trying to guarantee a rank win by duoing with a decent player who has access to a Silver V or lower account, but preferably Bronze. This helps to ensure the win because the match-ups will be against players of lower skill cap. This method can be used at any time one wishes to climb the rank competitive ladders, but is usually only used in times of emergencies such as during one's promotions. It should be noted as a warning that the account trying to climb easily will lose MMR (match-making rating) when employing this method because the difference in MMR between the two duo queue partners are usually very high, but no one usually cares because MMR is hidden anyway and diamond is reached in no time. Use at your own discretion.

The name arises from a current gold player known as 'Jimmy' well known for using this tactic to climb his ranked games.
Semi-decent League Player: Hey, I'm on my Gold I promos, can we duo?
Friend who has access to a Bronze V account: Sure, you want the Jimmy boost?
by LoL Analyst October 13, 2013
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