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1) When something special is taken away by an obvious misdeed.

2) In reference to MLB Umpire Jim Joyce who blew a call at 1st base on the last out of what would have been a perfect Game by a Detroit Tigers pitcher. It was very obvious that the player was out even in real time depsite the replays that also proved it.

3) When an athlete or team is robbed of something special by an offical. Any blown call in a sporting event!
Becky just got Jim Joyce'd in her bid for the piece of art at the auction despite her bid gesture which was overlooked by the auctioneer.
by CrazyCurt June 02, 2010
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Jim Joyced - The act of being completely jobbed, fucked over, robbed, or cheated; especially used when referring to bad calls by officials in sports.

Also can be referred to in sexual situations especially when bent over taking it in the ass.
1) "You mean to tell me that the umpire called the runner safe on the last out in the ninth inning in a perfect game where he was clearly out by several feet?" Said, Jimmy

"Shit son, you just go Jim Joyced!" Said, Bud Selig

2)"So, I was Balls deep in your your mom last night when I decided to Jim Joyce her."

Jim Leyland said, "We all got Jim Joyced tonight folks."
by DIRTY GR33K June 03, 2010
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1. To fuck something up. 2. To be obviously wrong. 3. The act of ruining someones lifetime goals
Calling a baserunner safe at first base with 2 outs in the top of the ninth inning when a pitcher is throwing a perfect game. Gallaraga, the pitcher, got Jim Joyced.
by ag58 June 11, 2010
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