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The absolutely best singer of the United States National Anthem, the "Star Spangled Banner". He has been singing the anthem full time for the Chicago Blackhawks since 2007 and has also made guest appearances for the Chicago Bears, most notably the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in 2011. That game was against the Atlanta Falcons. One thing that makes him so unique and special is the fact that his performances makes Blackhawk nation cheer at a level you can only call extremely patriotic from the beginning to the end of his performance. His signature move is to point at the American flag when he sings the line "that our flag was still there". Jim Cornelison is a true American Badass!
Vinny: Can you remember a time you felt the most patriotic when hearing our National Anthem?

Brian: Without a doubt it was on 9/11/11 when Jim Cornelison belted out the Star Spangled Banner with such patriotism and perfection that his deep tenor voice and the crowds cheers brought not only a tear to my eye but goosebumps that come back every time I hear him sing it.
by BV Jiglag February 25, 2013
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