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A nonsensical word combo used along with ones inner chi to make someone mess up while performing an activity or condition in which one is prone to be able to get hurt.The words must be spoken at the right time and must be truly meant. Jiggly bears is a privelege, not a right. Those found using jiggly bears for harm may be arrested for criminal use of harmful words and can used against you in a court of law. Side effects include: getting punched by your friends, black eyes, broken jaws, torn muscles, and an inability to control your bowel movements. Please see your doctor or local physician to see if jiggly bears is right for you. There is a chance of dependency if used too much. Also the effects of the words may be lessened if over used. Do not operate heavy machinery while using these words. Do not use with alcohol or other drugs. There is scientific proof that by connecting to ones inner chi and using the correct annunciation of the words "jiggly bears" a psychilogical wave is sent out and messes up with a persons bodily functions. Thank you very much, ive been great.
Person 1 (standing on edge of diving board): Ima do a backflip.
Person 2: Jiggly Bears.
Person 1: Fuck i hit my head on the board.
Person 2: Why yes. You did.
by Joshua Roy Stanyer August 12, 2007
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