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Like an empire, except built by an enterprising Jew and is largely based around money. A Jewpire could be any established market system created for the purpose of accumulating wealth, a financial empire bent solely on profit and acquiring those delicious shekels, as well as controlling others.
"Dan has his own Jewpire on World of Warcraft, he's swimming in millions of gold!"

George Soros has built a mighty media Jewpire with all his shekels; he even says he wants to control the world!
by --A Jew April 19, 2018
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Jews are actually all creatures called "Jewpires". These creatures are very similar to vampires, evil undead monsters. But it's not your blood you must's your wallet. These creatures will suck your bank account dry.
"That damned Jewpire took all my money!"
by Thehappypeople February 28, 2008
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