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A term is widely used in DotA gaming community to describe an imbalance of games. A legend says: "very known player from eul's (The Original creator of the DotA map) era. that there once was a player called Jewjew train that was rejected by a Creator of the current DotA to make the game balanced.
Jewjew train is a sound of a powerfull train's engine (in DotA it means unstoppable).
Some believe that Jewjew train soul didn't leave DotA and there won't be a balance (those people left to HoN - another standalone client like dota)
You were Jewjewed meaning Crushed (one side game) some say it's like saying GG by the winners only
You were trained Jewjew, I've showed you how!
It also means MVP of the game - You played like Jewjew Train
by RealOnothing April 08, 2010
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