People trying to say bye to loved ones but keep bringing up ONE extra little thing, laughing/talking, and trying to actually say goodbye over and over but can't leave each other just yet
"Aw, darling, thanks for having me! Bye!"
"Of course sweetheart, thank you for coming and bring John next time!"
"Omg, I will! Did I tell you we're talking about a puppy!"
(an hour later)
"But no, he's been a great cat and you and John should get that puppy you were talking about! Pets can be so great! Anyway, OK HONEY go! Haha, Love you, and stay off of I-10, there's a crash..."
"Ugh! I will! My sister just got her truck out of the shop for a crash on I-10..."
"Aw no! Is she alright? Does she know a guy? Hold up, let me give you a number..."
"This is the Jewish Goodbye of life! Haha! Last week at nan's house, OMG while you're writing that let me tell you..."
by Skotreeseonce August 26, 2015
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Similar to an Irish goodbye, when you leave a party/bar/event without telling anyone. The difference is that you leave before the check comes.
Matt pulled a jewish goodbye and the rest of us got stuck with the bill.
by Eye8urbutt July 11, 2023
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