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A Jewish nigger. A jewish person who likes to act like a nigger. Person who has ghetto upbringing with a hint of jewish culture. Likes to listen to NWA, Ice-T, and many other 90's rap songs. Acts in a way that covers or mixes his or her orthodox, non-reform, jewish style of life so he may gain popularity at a social gathering. Although unlikely that a Jew could have such low-class upbringing, there are exceptions where parents may be adopters or interracially married.

Jewiggers like to buy "bling", or accessories for their bodies, where baggy clothing, take advantage of their wealthy/frugal lifestyles in order to buy cars with custom rims and other excesses. Some may carry around a torah to epitomize their existence for the lord of Israel and the torah's words.

"The torah and niggers with attitude kept me alive, ma bitches! Imma representing my families in Brooklyn, and a shout out to O.G. Reube." - A Brooklyner sporting Sean John hookups, a gold chain, a stud earing, and a trucker hat."
Jerry Rosenbaum is a jewigger. He was born to a African jew and an Japanese descendant of Hiroito. Friends at his lower-Manhattan jewish parochial school call him Funkmaster Roseizzle because of his unbelievable freestyling skills and a swauve demeanor that attracts girls, and wards off insurance salesmen.

They also think Rosenbaum, or Roseizzle, could be the next Corporate Executive Officer of NBC, or Tha' Row, should he take down Suge Knight.
by ahab_is_always_right August 20, 2005
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