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Jewelnisa is a rare name that sounds like "Jewelisa" the only difference is the " N" in the name, if you look up the meaning for "Jewel" it means a precious gem or the stone, and if you look up the meaning of nisa, it means; Girl or devotee to dionysos, but if you match up the definition of both, you get the precious gem girl. Another definition to describe "Jewelnisa" is someone who is a stubborn girl or different girl, call her an outcast to society if you want, she has a reasonable personality and is a very loyal person, When she expressed herself, she often feels embarrassed and awkward.
"Jewelnisa looks very timid today, Is she alright?"

" jewelnisa isn't here today"

"Jewelnisa is a bit awkward"
by Silver_Goddess July 09, 2018
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Jewelnisa means someone who is very stubborn and doesn't ever take anyone's advice, He/She is prefers to be alone in their own thoughts but only because when they express themselves, they feel awkward or embarrassed, in a matter of friends, he/she doesn't let anyone's opinions about someone stop her from being friends, although they're Friendship is restricted due to the similar nature she find in her friends, which is usually straightforward yet in a reserve manner.
"Jewelnisa is acting very stubborn today"

"Does headlines prefer to be alone?" " yes"
by Silver_Goddess July 09, 2018
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