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a girl who is commonly mistaken for an italian "guidette" because of her big,dark,scrunchy hair, and wardrobe of excessive bebe and juicy couture. This girl gives off the impression that she is italian but is actually of jewish heritage.A jewdette also may commonly have a guido looking brother that may also lead people to beleive that she is italian. In reality, this girl's last name doesn't even sound REMOTLEY ITALIAN and also she's probably never eaten a zeppole or plate of manicotti in her life.These girls only dream of being italian...and anyone who thinks they are IS A FUCKING RETARD AND DESERVES TO BE CASTRATED
ERICA in 11TH grade at WEST WINDSOR-PLAINSBORO HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH is the biggest fucking JEWDETTE in the world

her brother ROSS also is a prime example of someone who onli wishes he was a guido

yeaa..thats a real italian name ...ROSS lol
by SuPeR Biatch May 17, 2007
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