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A jew store would be the type of store tht sells shirts tht say stuff about over night camp, or other things that you need to have for camp such as stationary, clip boards, etc. They usually sell sugar lips and bracelets that everyone is wearing (jack vaneck's, BRACElets, the soda tab bracelets etc.) You will almost NEVER find someone who is not Jewish as a customer. However, every single Jew in the area will shop there/ have a wardrobe that has a style similar to the style of clothing sold at the store. Much of the merchandise has rhinestones or peace signs. The store employee will assume you are Jewish, and will probably ask you if an item is on you Hanukkah list.
Jewish girl- I am going to a jew store today to stock up on clothes to wear to camp this summer, along with other things I might need. Do you want to come?

Other Girl- I would, but I'm not Jewish.

Jewish Girl- Oh sorry forgot.
by seraC ohW November 06, 2011
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