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The single most orgasmic fetish in the universe. Those who fall fatal to the Jew fetish have amazing taste. The literal term of 'Jew fetish' is to have the undying urge to be fucked by a Jew.

When I see a Jew I get hella wet.
I have a chronic Jew Fetish. I'd lap up any male Jew's kosher meat.
by notsoinnocent May 30, 2009
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To only be attracted to jewish women for reasons beyond normal peoples comprehension. People who have the jew fetish usually will be unaware of the problem until it is called on by a friend. After exposed the jew fetish usually befalls large amounts of scrutiny and bad jokes. Unfortunatly for the sufferer the jew fetish is uncurable and will remain forever. Even if the sufferer dates a non-jew he will feel unsatisfied.
Austin Kenndy was the first known sufferer of the jew fetish and is still unwilling to cope with the problem.
by Tpott August 14, 2006
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