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A large breed of human, dressing in ties and nice clothes, similar to the attire of Slender man. They tend to sneak up and scare people without meaning to and is sometimes a real asshole, but every girl that likes anime is somewhat attracted to his physical being. Jew Mules are rather sarcastic, cannot tell jokes, and tries to "serve" people but it always backfires. His name is Latin in origin, derived from the common misconception that he is Jewish and can only do hard manual labor for pay. He likes jokes and often refers to him/herself as an ass though it is an inaccurate reference. He hates country music and therefore you will never find his cousin, the Jew at a hoedown.
JEW MULE (girls come running)
The Jew mule: The ass happy
(girls giggle)
by xXreversedspellssamewayXx February 12, 2013
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