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Any hot looking Australian scene chick whose extremely bitchy, annoying, and a fake, but you still would want to fuck her. A "Jevee Massacre" would never talk to you unless you tell her she has nice shoes, hair, extensions, and or, nice fake eyebrows. Suddenly every girl on myspace around the world tries to be a one so they create an account & start stealing each others pictures. People now a days are becoming mentally pathetic but physically hotter at the same time.
Kid1: What time is it?
Jevee Massacre: *rolls her eyes*, *walks away*
Kid2: Hey nice shoes, Jevee.
Jevee Massacre: thank you, I bought em yesterday at some asian store
Kid2: Btw, what time is it?
Jevee Massacre: oh, you're wasting my time, *evil satanic look*
Kid1&2: Can we fuck you?
Jevee: *disappears*
by brotherfucker September 15, 2007
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