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The phrase "I'm Jettin" was originated due to Jett MarcumII.
Following the onslaught of an overwhelming number of groupies and hangers-on, in the late nineties, Jett has had to continually keep his tour bus rolling, so to speak.

To be Jett Marcum II is to be all things sexy, masculine yet sensitive, all knowing yet humble, alluring and smokin, freakin hottt!!!!!!

To be Jett Marcum II is to be a "Jett-setter" according to his fan club. One never knows where Jett will end up next but smiles and sighs are sure to be the result of his appearance.

Note* Bret Michaels career in cool was a direct result of consultation with Jett. 80's and 90's... NOT 2009. (Jett became bored by Bret during that era).

Also see: Mardi Gras Beads Museum. i.e. Vast collection of beads acquired and donated by Jett.

Quantity = innumerable
Had Elvis lived, his fan base may have eventually reached a Jett Marcum II........................................., but we seriously doubt it!

Had Tom Cruise (Top Gun era), Clint Eastwood, Rob Thomas and Richard Gere produced a child, they may have had a slim chance of obtaining Jett MarcumII results.....................,

but we seriously doubt it!
by M. Benet' June 15, 2010
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