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A fascinating, rare being. Some say there is only one of it's kind in existence.

Expect freckles, a charming smile, and baby got back. Height is shorter than average, but this gives an advantage when cuddling or taking over the world (see: Napoleon Bonaparte).

When observing from a distance, they seem to work all day, 'erry day. Which is slightly unfortunate.

One may hear high pitched, contagious laughter. This is either natural, or a sign of sleep deprivation. We cannot determine the difference yet. Also unknown is why Jetharys fawn when sung to.

Jetharys are impartial to the feelings of birds. Sightings of bird killings by Jetharys have been reported.
A common method of attack is to fling their hair in one's face, blinding them right before they strike.
"Last night I saw somebody break into my milk cellar, but they didn't even take anything."

"Ahh, there's been a Jethary making the rounds, worst thieves ever I tell you. Don't worry about it."

"Well, my heart disappeared recently, too. So it actually may have stolen that."
by not-an-alien November 17, 2013
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