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An adjective used to describe that someone quit their job in a dramatic and legendary way.

Origin: In reference to Steven Slater, a disgruntled Jet Blue Flight Attendant, who quit his job by telling all the passengers on the plane to "go fuck themselves" over the PA system, deploying the emergency slide, then exiting the plane with a beer from the galley in-hand.
He totally Jet Blued.
by Seattle2010 August 10, 2010
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Euphemistic way of expressing someone got screwed or ripped off.

Eptymology: Originated shortly after the February 2007 series of mistakes that lefts countless JetBlue customers stuck in airplanes and airport terminals for many hours.
Jack: Check out this amazing diamond ring I bought for my wife on the internet.
Steve: Bro, that's clealy a fake ring.
Jack: You're kidding right?
Steve: Nah, man. You got JetBlued.
by Yahtzek March 02, 2007
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