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1> Something so alarming, the only way to exclaim that its truely worth looking at it is reffering to Our Lord Ice Skating.


2> Our Lord out Ice Skating

General Donegal slang of Surprise.
1> Jaime: Yeah but i've never liked him in general

tur: Awh man give Dan a cha......JESUS CHRIST ON ICE SKATES! ITS A FUCKING METEORITE COMING TO DESTROY THE EARTH AND ALL HUMANITY THA....Oh wait its just Paul coming. That big fat bastard

Jaime: He IS a big fat bastard!

2> Jaime: And on your left, you will see Jesus Christ, on Ice Skates. Thats Jesus Christ on Ice-Skates.

Margie: Take a picture of the Saviour, James.

Jesus Christ: What up!
by Jaime-the-ledge January 18, 2010
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