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Jesus is savior is perhaps the biggest troll website on the internet. Within its hallowed lines of code, insane author David J. Stewart, only real prophet of one Jesus H. Christ, spreads the true word of God to everyone who incurs his (David’s) wrath, such as the whole human race, which includes but is not limited to whites, blacks, Asians, Arabs, Chinks, niggas, niggers, Negroes, crackers, Whitey, terrorists, faggots, and the French, and reveals to you that everything you know and love is in reality “of the devil” (even the Bible) and run by “Banksters.” According to this website, anyone who is not David Stewart is bound for demonic booty-rape in Hell, the domain of the Devil, Illuminati, and Democratic Party. The website uses elegant literary devices such as contradiction, grammatical and spelling errers, non-contradiction, redundancy, redundancy, and destroying the reputations of celebrities, including those who need no help in that capacity, such as Justin Bieber, “Satan’s Homosexual Boy Toy.” The reason this website was created is because David got all butt-hurt after child protective services forced his daughter to take drugs that made her hair fall out. Reliving the Red Scare by calling things Communist is also another prevalent theme in Jesus-is-savior. Later in his life, David became a necromancer and beat small children, which led to his flight to Brazil where he remains today.
Drunkard 1: I have a new drinking game we can play.
Drunkard 2: What are the rules?
Drunkard 1: Let’s read an article on Jesus is savior and take a drink every time a reference to Satan is made.
Drunkard 2: Sounds tight brah!
(The poor booze-hounds died of alcohol poisoning without even getting halfway through the article)
by Ronald Bringus Ph.D. October 26, 2015
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Nutty satire website run by someone pretending to be Christian. Simply Googling the term "Jesus is Savior exposed" will reveal that the person behind the site isn't Christian (on his "The Tower of Babel today" article, he states "I personally am not a Christian or a member of any religion for that matter..."). From this we can deduct that some impressive trolling had occurred fooling fundamentalists and atheist nuts alike. It's either that or the man behind the site is truly crazy and is Christian on one day and then not on another.
Jesus is Savior is a hate site. It's made by someone with a grudge against religion (to try and make Christians look bad) or someone who is truly insane.
by Skialian January 11, 2014
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