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Term usually used to describe someone who has absolutely nothing to share with anyone else on a subject. Also used to express acute abdominal pain and pain in the rectum.

The word is commonly used in africa to distinguish the edible elephant feces from regular shit (jesus cardona is just plain shit).

latin experts believe it is also the omen for extreme boredom but deeper studies have found that that is simply not true and spending more money and resources trying to find the real meaning of the word would be a waste since nobody really cares anyways.

"jesus Cardona!!! those Mcburritos i ate yesterday night are starting to cause trouble in my butt hole! "

"Jesus cardona man... that was the dumbest thing i have ever heard..."

"hey dude what was the presidential address about?"
"jesus cardona... dont worry about it"
by Brayan Sanchez September 26, 2008
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