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Jester Hopper pot is a fictional jester suit wearing character from a hit 8-bit show called "Code Monkeys". Story goes that Jester dreamed of creating a strain of weed so strong, it'll get you high off of just one hit. He would later name this weed "Hiroshima". He was last seen driving off into the sunset in his tye-dye school bus named "Farther"
But thats the story they tell you in school man.

It's true jester has a few hundred pounds of Hiroshima on the bus, but the real reason is because he stole the declaration of independence. He rode out, hid with his entire stash and planned to smoke the worlds dankest joint rolled with the deceleration itself.
"Dude have you heard of Jester Hopperpot?" "Your as stoned as Jester Hopperpot!"
by Alec_FrY November 21, 2010
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