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Jesse Watters is Bill O'Reilly's producer who is known for going out and stalking people to ambush them for Mr. O'Reilly. Anyone who has something negative to say about O'Reilly will get Mr. Watters hounding them with a camera on their face no matter where they are. A few of his victims are Bill Moyers, Amanda Terkel, Russell Tice, Rep. Robert Wexler, among others. Recently the tables were turned on Mr. Watters as both Gawkers and ThinkProgress decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. Surprise, surprise! Jesse doesn't seem to appreciate his own tactics being turned on him. When he's the one being ambushed he's like the deer in the headlights. He has no clue, no answers, or anything to say in response to his dirty tactics of ambushing people but play dumb.
You know Jesse Watters. He's Bill O'Reilly's evil minion/stooge/flunkie who dutifully goes out and stalks,, ambushes his bosses enemies.
by The Dirty 3RD September 18, 2009
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