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The best fuckin song ever written. By SLEEP. Also known as "Dopesmoker" (there are two versions available, the one called Dopesmoker is better, but it's five times as expensive as the Jerusalem version).

The song is about an hour long (52 to 63 minutes, depending on version) is about 50 BPM slow and features crazy-ass drumming, a fuzzed-out heavy bass, a guitar that sounds like a dried out riverbed in the desert (if you know what I mean) and unique vocals, something between growling and ritual chanting.

The lyrics of Jerusalem/Dopesmoker are about a caravan delivering weed to said city. They glorify cannabis in any possible way. Many new (or old, but almost never used) words are mentioned, like "Hasheeshian", "Marihuanaut" and "lungsmen".

Rather than using a "normal"song strucure (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus etc.) Jerusalem/Dopesmoker is set up like this:

Intro, fucking awesome riff, even more fucking awesome riff, epic riff, unbelievably good guitar solo, awesome riff, even more fucking awesome riff, another epic riff, fucking awesome guitar solo, quiet part, extremely heavy highpoint of the song including another fucking awesome solo, epic riff, reprise of the first fucking awesome riff.

All in all, it is definitely worth listening to (can be found on Youtube in both versions) wether you're a Stoner, a Metalhead, a fan of psychedelic music, a fan of experimental music, or you just like to have your brain melted via your eardrums.
A: Hey man, did you ever listen to Jerusalem/Dopesmoker?
B: Yeah, forty-six point seven percent of my brain melted.

A: Same here.
by Pisaura May 06, 2011
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