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Probably the worst poker player to ever win a WSOP Main-Event (Along with Chris Moneymaker).

That Vietnamese guy knocked out seven of the eights other players at the final table, with a lot of luck. Almost at every call he made, he had about 50% of chance to win, but even when he had had only 30%, he had won. As Gus Hansen may say : "That was pretty sick". And it was.

But more importantly, this guy cheated, as he was praying god to give him some good cards.Obviously,and he should have been disqualified for not praying Chuck Norris instead of God.

Moreover, it's a hell of a torture to watch him jump and scream like a fucking gambler who just won at a fucking game, when he knock out someone.

After the end of the game, he was crying and talking about all the good he'll be able to make with the money he won. Same Old Shit.
"You play better than Jerry Yang !"
"Thanks, you too."
by Sushi69000 November 05, 2007
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