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Jeordie Osborne White. Plays in Marilyn Manson. Replaced Gidget Gaine(Bradley Stewert). Left the band in 2002. Rejoined in 2008.

He originally started playing bass guitar in Manson. Now he plays lead guitar.
His favorite brand of guitar and bass is Gibson. Throughout his career with Marilyn Manson Jeordie has used Thunderbird bass guitars.
He drinks Whiskey and enjoys speed.
He loves cats and owns one.
He is NOT gay(to make that clear)
...He used to steal his ex- girlfriend Jessika's(Lead singer of Jack of Jill) clothes and wear them on stage during concerts with Mr. Manson.
His stage name for Marilyn Manson is Twiggy Ramirez( Twiggy=Model...Ramirez=Richard Ramirez killer)
He was once seen in a Reindeer suit in L.A. while on tour with NIN(Nine Inch Nails)
He is also in his band called Goon Moon( Jeordie White is lead singer)
He toured with A Perfect Circle
Dated Courtney Love for a period of time
Went to DisenyWorld and scared alot of kids with Manson
Girl#1: Did you hear about Jeordie White?!
Girl#2: Who?
Girl#1: That guy from Marilyn Manson, and Goon Moon!
Girl#2: Oh...him.
by Camii Havok April 12, 2010
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