A very rare name, representing a girl who is:
- Hot.
- Artistic.
- Loyal.
- Freakin' funny.
- Strong, fierce.
- Awesome friend.
A girl named Jennet will friend you, instantly and for life. As long as you are kind and honest, she will always support you.

Jennets possess talent in the arts, such as music, art, & spoken word.

Also, her humor will keep you laughing during the worst of times. Her humor can make you pee your pants or shoot milk through your nose.

Jennets are very physical, in all areas of their lives. They run marathons, jump out of airplanes, and surf. They like yoga and hiking and anything outdoors. Jennets also like indoor sports, and are considered very good kissers.
by Lyricalj February 4, 2010
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