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Jenna Mcdougall is the lead singer of the Pop-Punk band Tonigh Alive. She has short, dark green hair with blue eyes and a nose ring on the right side. She lives in Sydney, Australia and attended an all girls school. She was born on June 01st 1992. She is 1.69m and is a vegetarian. She has a dog and her friend Amelia died when she was 16. She joined the band as they needed a singer to record a demo with and she needed people to play for her own demo. They then formed in 2008. She is one of the most beautiful and amazing people alive. She is kind, loveable, amazing and all for equality. If you don't think she is amazing you are lying to yourself.
Peasant: Jenna McDougall is so ugly, no wonder her band is unsuccesful.
Me: Bitch, they are most succesful than you. Honestly I hope the next time you get your period it's in a shark tank but even if it is you won't get attacked cuz they wouldn't want to get any diseases. Instead they'd jump out of the water just not to get any contact with you
by Purple Potatoes September 16, 2015
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