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Jenna is someone who will lit up your world the moment they step in your life💡☝️. She is the most lovable person you'd ever meet❤️. She is Funny😂, Wonderful😆, and Easy to talk to😜. The way to get to her heart is make her laugh and just be sweet it's all it takes but at the same time she is not easy to get to😉. You have to do whatever it takes so she can be interested in you🔥. She does want to be alone when she gets mad but she will forget what happened in minutes if not then hours😍. She is patient👍, smart🤔, Very Beautiful but doesn't believe it in her self she has an adorable laugh😍😂, and the way she smiles before she laughs is just satisfying😊. She is an open book just ask, she is not afraid to talk about her past but she knows what to say and what not💪. She's committed 💍💙. Jenna is someone who shows that they don't care about what other people say about her💪🔒, but deep down she cares💛, and if it was mean things towards her, she hides her pain and put it in the back of her head because she wants to forget it💛. If you did a mistake or messed up at some point in your life she will end up forgiving you but she doesn't forget😍. She is challenging🙈, she really like a competition and last thing she is very unique with her own personality❤️👑. She can change your life to the better😍😘, and She can get the best out of you🙃. She always gives people chances💯. She will truly make you feel wanted💯, happy😃, and defiantly special👑. She is so loyal🔐, honest😍, Shy 😋, and trust worthy❤️💯
Jenna<3 is bae!
by Hamoudieeee March 07, 2019
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Jenna is a horse loving girl, who has an amazing personality, she is kind, beautiful, funny and a freaking genius. she has blueish green eyes that are like the beautiful ocean and they will instantly melt you heart. if you meet jenna you better be sure to treat her well, (or i will kill you) jenna has dirty blonde hair, but i assure you she is defenitly NOT a DUMB BLONDE. jennas beauty shines wildly but most people think it is just the sun glaring off her glasses.
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by hey man! big mon November 29, 2019
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