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A Jen Twitty is someone who is an illegitimate child to country singer Conway Twitty. We all know that as famous as he was, his "influence" was spread all over the world. He was married 3 times, but wasn't limited to those ladies alone. A Jen Twitty also doesn't realize that she's a long lost child, but a good Conway fan knows how to spot them. Too bad he never cared to love them too.
"What a lovely perm fro that girl has." -Geoffrey

"You mean Jen Twitty? She gets it from her dad." -Hans

"I've seen her dad, he has a bowl cut." -Geoffrey

"Not that guy, her real dad is Conway Twitty." -Hans

"Oh...I can see that." -Geoffrey
by Professor Jaundice April 06, 2010
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