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The undeniable feeling of envy people who drive other SUV's feel for people who drive Jeeps. The most commonly envied Jeep being the Wrangler, but its known that all Jeeps convey at least a little bit of envy from drivers of lesser SUV's.

People suffering from this envy will most likely roll around town in his or her Chevy Blazer or Toyota Rav4, and talk shit about Jeep's to everyone they know and talk about how there piece of shit can do a lot better off-road when it really can't. They most likely bought their current SUV trying to act young, and be "cool" again, but since they didn't buy a Jeep they just have to act like they don't want one.

The cure for this is to of course, buy a Jeep.
Guy 1: "That Jeep Tj is such a piece of shit, my Toyota Rav4 is better then it any day."
Guy 2: "Really? How? Bet you can't take the doors and top off of that Rav4, or go off-roading in it can you?"
Guy 1: "I could go off-roading in my Rav4, anyways your Jeep doesn't get over 20mpg on the highway, and its loud, and it rides rough, which means it sucks."
Guy 2: "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand."
Guy 1:(Jeep Envy growing stronger) "Yeah, thats what everyone who drives one says so people think they like them."
Guy 2: "Well I can see you got Jeep Envy so I'm just gonna leave, I have better things to be doing, then arguing with you. Go buy a Jeep, you'll feel better and won't seem so pissed off at the world. Peace Out."
by realtough December 17, 2010
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