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A Jedi Founded on Tatooine by the Jedi order at age 10, and trained under the wing of Jedi Master Yoda for 8 long years along with other Younglings. He quickly ascended through the ranks of The Jedi order and When he turned 18. he was given the rank of Jedi Knight and his very own Green Lightsaber. He was then tasked with Fighting the Seperatist army And was given an army of Clones to help him. In the Heat of a Battle on Jakku To His Suprise, The Clones who he fought along side for months. Quickly turned on him. And as he Blocked every shot coming out of their Blasters, He could Feel the Loss of Life in the Force from all over the Galaxy... He Then went into Hiding On an Unknown Planet in the Outer Rim.
Jedi Master Zackarius was a Jedi that survived The End of the Clone Wars and Order 66.
by The Jedi Archives November 26, 2016
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