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A failure at life with mental health problems, Jaylen Snelling is a friendless child. He always likes to act ghetto in an attempt to be cool and he gets suspended at least once a week. In addition to getting suspended from school, the main reasons he get suspended are for trying to fight a fellow student, bringing a dangerous weapon, or for bringing illegal drugs.

He also has disgusting hair and tries to make fun of other students for no reason. His main attire features a fedora, trench coat, snow boots, and a fake Gucci belt.

Occasionally hanging out with other troublesome kids, Snelling will threaten ANYONE. Including his associates.
Guy 1: “Remember that one kid who always made fun of everyone for no reason?”
Guy 2: “Oh yeah, that’s Jaylen Snelling.”
by HackingSpecialist May 09, 2018
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