Javein Scarwin, also known as "Smkboyjae," is a prominent persona in Baltimore's underground music sphere, notably for pioneering the Street Pirate Army (S.P.A.). Raised in the Zone 18 Pirateland community of East Baltimore, his childhood residence at 2720 Tivoly Avenue is of notable significance. In the mid-90s, Scarwin established the S.P.A., a respected rap group renowned for their unique pirate-themed sound, impacting Baltimore's musical culture considerably. Scarwin, dubbed "The First Street Pirate," gained attention when a severe gunshot wound to his right eye in 2006 activated his Scarcode Gene. This occurrence generated considerable interest in this genetic anomaly, leading to Scarwin's advocacy work against Kool Aid Minded Behavior via the Scarcode Development Program. Apart from music, Scarwin is also a mobile app developer and film director, credited for "The Purple Hearted Conqueror Mixtape Video Vol. One (2023)" and other smartphone video projects.
Scarwin was also part of the Smkboyz, an underground rap collective active in 2016. They congregated every Saturday (Smkboyz Saturday) to smoke cannabis and freestyle over YouTube instrumentals. The Smkboyz eventually evolved into a cannabis culture community, embodying the "12 definitions of a Smkboy" ethos defined by Smkboyjae.
"Javein Scarwin, overcoming daunting odds, utilizes his musical talent, tech savviness, filmmaking skills, and the Scarcode Development Program to inspire and positively influence the youth in his community."
by The Scarcodian Slanguage July 26, 2023
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