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1) Verb- Botched attempt to make up an Italian phrase and/or name.

2)Noun- Male airhead.

3)Adjective- Something of low value.

4)Adjective- Used to describe a male who's attracted to members of his own gender.

Usually, a Javechi can be found saying air-headed quotes such as, "I'm not a dog!" and watching "Jersey Shore."
1) Pierro- "Mario, bippity boopity!"

John "Dude, you're just Javeching it."

2) "That Guy is such a Javechi, he makes my little sister's Barbie look like Stephen Hawking."

3) -Daddy, I found a rusty penny cut in half!!!

-Leave that Javechi there, son!

4) -Dwayne: "Look at that there queerosexual!"

-Earl: "Yup, that's a Javechi alright."
by ccraptor May 11, 2011
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