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an insensitive prick that teaches Banking and Finance courses at the University of Bahrain.He likes torturing students by preparing really tough exam questions which only he can answer.He also likes showing-off when someone asks him a question about something and acts least concerned about his students problems.I mean what the fuck is he trying to prove??? That he has the power to get us difficult exams or he wants to prove that he's a real genius???

NOTE: Jassim Alaji loves to use the word "MA3GOOLA" in most of his sentences.So dont be surprised if you see them in every example.
"Ya3ni ma3goola ayeeb likom imti7an sahil?? Aneh thi"9ati feekom kbeereh!"

"Intaw il-students mal jami3at ilba7rain lazim itroo7oon ilhaj kil shahar mob mara wa7deh bas...7aram 3alaikom 3ala illi itgoolooneh..."

"ya3ni ma3goola mat3arfoon ma3neh kalimat 'eethar'??"
by BraveHeart March 31, 2005
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