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When a situation gets hot and you need to get out really quick.

As done by the country singer Jason Aldean at his 2017 concert in Las Vegas that ended in tragedy when a shooter opened fire into the crowd, Jason thought fast and got the hell out. R.I.P to all who lost their lives that day.
Guy 1. So how did your date go last night?
Guy 2. Terrible!
Guy 1. How so?
Guy 2. All was well until she told me that she loved me.
Guy 1. What did you do?
Guy 2. I had to Jason the hell out of there, I told her that I had to go pee and never came back!


Girl: hey babe you're home early.
Guy: yeah things got crazy at work so I had to Jason the hell out of there.
by Rollingxbigshot October 04, 2017
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